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  • PDC Concave Drill Bit

    The body of a PDC bit is made from a matrix of tungsten carbide and an alloy to bind the matrix, which is sintered to a steel core.

    Sizes: 75mm~304mm

    Gauge protection: Diamond impregnated gauge/gauge insert

    Formation: Suitable for medium hard formation (Limestone, marble, sandstone, limonite, dolomite, schist, etc)

    Application: Water well, Mining exploration & Probing, Geothermal and Geological prospecting, etc

    Product Description:

    Sizes: 75mm~304mm

    Blades: 3/4/5 blades

    PDC cutter used: 1304mm, 1308mm, 1313mm

    Material: Steel body and PDC cutter

    Product Details:

    Suitable for medium complex formation





    Our tool application

    Our products are used in various scenarios, such as Mining Industry Petroleum Natural Gas Water Well Tunneling Drilling

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