Product Customization

PDC can be cut with a wire electro-discharge machine (EDM) or Laser cutting machine. And PDC surfaces can also be polished, shaped, and sharpened. The shaping of the PDC diamond table and substrate can be altered by means of near net pressing, laser modifications, or grinding equipment.We offer a variety of standard products made from polycrystalline diamond, but we can also manufacture custom parts to meet your needs.

The picks can be customized according to the customer's construction facilities and trial rock formations, with different specifications of alloy or diamond composite teeth, and different tooth strengthening methods to extend the overall trial life of the pick, provide customers with the most cost-effective products, and reduce construction and mining costs Reduce consumption, improve work efficiency, and help customers solve problems.

After-sales service

We are in a good position not only to supply you high quality machinery, but also the excellent after sales service. If you have any problems during use, the engineer team will provide you with technical support and solution in the first time.

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