Huanghe Whirlwind: What high-tech fields have you proactively laid out?


Recently, an investor asked Huanghe Whirlwind (600172) whether the company has made early layout in the research and development of third-generation semiconductor materials on the basis of its continuous efforts in the field of superhard materials and cultivated diamonds, and to what extent has it achieved success?

The company responded that diamond is an important member of third-generation semiconductor materials, and the company has carried out related industrial application research.

Prior to this, on April 1 of this year, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd. led the preparatory meeting of the "Henan Diamond Materials Industry Research Institute". On April 15, the expert review meeting of the construction plan for the "Henan Diamond Materials Industry Research Institute" was held.

Henan Diamond Materials Industry Research Institute
Leading unit: Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd.
Construction direction: Focusing on functional diamond application technology mainly based on diamond, high-end diamond tool products, third-generation semiconductor materials, and vigorously expanding the layout of semiconductor materials required in the 5G era, expanding the application of diamonds in the optical field, thermal field, and semiconductor field.

Huanghe Whirlwind

From the fields of raw and auxiliary materials, equipment manufacturing, diamond synthesis, product manufacturing, and high-end applications, the key breakthroughs are in the intelligent calcination and pressing equipment of large cavities, industrialization technology of 10-15mm ultra-large diameter diamonds, special pre-alloy powders and composite powders for diamond toolsprecise grading and sorting technology of synthetic diamond abrasives, diamond composite cutting teeth, CVD diamond growth technology and equipment, new functional applications of diamonds, synthesis and preparation of alternative high-temperature and high-pressure dielectric materials for mica, and preparation and application of diamond surface metallization.

As the leading unit of the "Henan Diamond Materials Industry Research Institute", Huanghe Whirlwind will jointly establish the institute with domestic scientific research institutions, key universities, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, such as Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding Co., Ltd., Jilin UniversityCentral South UniversityZhengzhou UniversityHenan University of Technology, Bosun Technology Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Zhongzhi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Tanlong Juxin Superhard Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Based on the research institute platform, industry-university-research cooperation will be carried out. Through the integration of industry research and development resources, scientific research and development, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and innovative application-oriented talent training will be carried out to solve the industry's key "bottleneck" problems in the fields of raw and auxiliary materials, equipment manufacturing, diamond synthesis, product manufacturing, and high-end applications.